December 2021, Miami:

Datapro, Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of core banking systems, is pleased to congratulate CoopAEP, one of Panama’s largest agricultural financial institutions, for choosing Profecard (a Datapro company) as its provider for card processing. Using Profecard’s credit card processing will allow CoopAEP to use major credit card processing networks and provide its customers with a more robust payment option.

CoopAEP has the following business objectives:

  • Provide members with a cooperative system to accumulate savings and obtain credit, at a fair, reasonable and competitive interest rate.
  • Stimulate and develop the spirit of initiative and work among associates, so that they contribute to increasing national prosperity.
  • Promote an education program on the principles of cooperativism.

“Welcome to the Datapro Family, where we are providing the latest technology and access to the digital world to all Cooperatives in LATAM.”

– Gaston Peralta, Vice President of Business Development at Datapro, Inc.