January 2022, Miami:

Volaris Group Inc. (“Volaris”) announced that it has acquired Datapro, Inc. (“Datapro”) and its related companies. Based in Miami, Florida, Datapro is a leading provider of business software solutions for the banking industry, with offices in several Latin America countries. This acquisition expands Volaris’ global presence in the Financial Services vertical.

“With Volaris’ support, the Datapro team can continue to expand their presence within the markets they serve. The addition of Datapro continues our project of building a portfolio of industry leading Financial Services software companies,” said Ateet Patel, Managing Director at Volaris. “We are thrilled to welcome Datapro to the Volaris family.”

Datapro’s core banking software (e-IBS) offers solutions to both help banks manage essential banking services (debit/credit cards, leasing, loans, deposits, and other products) and provide internet banking and mobile banking using an on-premise solution, a SAAS Solution or hybird alternatives. Datapro has a strong presence with foreign offices of multinational banks, government owned banks and Tier 4/5 regional banks in Central and Latin America. Datapro continues to evolve, with a focus on Open Banking and addition solutions related to business process management (BPM) and digital client onboading.

“Volaris’ ability to invest in our companies, talent and products will position us to better serve the financial services market and increase our leadership in the banking industry, in both the domestic and the international financial markets”, says Ricardo R. Montero, Founder of Datapro.

In accordance with Volaris’ philosophy, to acquire, strengthen, and grow, Datapro will continue to run autonomously, while benefiting from the support, coaching and best practices made available by Volaris. Christiaan de Haseth will lead the business as CEO, supported by Datapro Founder Ricardo R. Montero, who will continue as a strategic advisor to the business.

About Volaris

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