November 2020, Panama.

Datapro Inc is proud to announce that there has been a successful implementation of Phase 2 of the Modernization Project of the new ACH platform for 6 of our clients so far, adapted to the ISO-20022 format which will easily facilitate the Real Transfer System (RTP), allowing instant transfers and payments 24/7 by 2021.

We appreciate the trust that institutions such as BANCO MERCANTIL, DAVIVIENDA, METROBANK, BANCO NACIONAL and several others who are still in the installation process, have in us at Datapro Inc. as their Core Banking Strategy Partner for adopting this new format of the ACH Platform. This new addition allows the institutions to use a payment system available in more than 70 countries across the world.

We would like to recognize TELERED who coordinated together with Datapro Inc the testing used to ensure guaranteed the success of each institutions’ implementation.

Positive Comments:

“Today we concluded our second day operating the ACH under the ISO20022 format, without any incidents in regards to debit rejections, with this we can validate that the changes implemented yesterday in production have been satisfactory. There are details to improve which I will be sending in Excel, but at the moment we have been able to execute the sending and receiving processes without incident.
On Monday, November 9th, we sent a total of 44,575 transactions for a total amount of 39,002,044.54 without any inconveniences, today (November 10th) we sent a total of 39,664 transactions for a total amount of 25,283,801.61 without any drawbacks. We started with the ISO20022 in one of the heaviest weeks, since it is the week of MEF payments which culminate tomorrow with group 3 and all the credits have been sent.
To the Datapro team, thank you very much for all your attention, during all these test cycles that practically began in December 2019 when the first development of the PROD240 was delivered to us, which underwent many adjustments on the fly during implementation.”
– Karina J. Álvarez Q.
ACH Department Head, Executive Operations Management, Claims & Alternate Channel Operations Area Management, ACH Electronic Funds Transfer Department.