What People Say About Datapro

“Today we concluded our second day operating the ACH under the ISO20022 format, without any incidents in regards to debit rejections, with this we can validate that the changes implemented yesterday in production have been satisfactory. On Monday, November 9th, we sent a total of 44,575 transactions for a total amount of 39,002,044.54 without any inconveniences, today (November 10th) we sent a total of 39,664 transactions for a total amount of 25,283,801.61 without any drawbacks. We started with the ISO20022 in one of the heaviest weeks, since it is the week of MEF payments which culminate tomorrow with group 3 and all the credits have been sent.”

Karina J. Álvarez Q., ACH Department Head, Executive Operations Management, Claims & Alternate Channel Operations Area Management, ACH Electronic Funds Transfer Department

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