Datapro’s Customer Service personnel originates from the Banking Industry. When our Customers speak with our Customer Service Representative, they are speaking to a person with the experience and understanding of the bank’s request. Our Customer Service Department is made up of two Groups: The Help Desk Group and the Implementation Group.

For Technical and Operational Concerns with Datapro solutions, please contact our Help Desk:

Datapro’s Help Desk

770 Ponce de Leon Blvd., 2nd Floor
Miami, FL, 33134
Tel: +1 (305) 374-0606
Fax: +1 (305) 377-3282

Types of Support:

Our customer service guarantees e-IBS users of support 24 hours and 7 days a week. Customer service office assistance is available from 9:00 am EST through 8:00 pm EST. When our office is closed there is a call center that answers and will assist our customer with all issues. When there is an urgent issue that requires immediate attention our call center will directly contact the customer service person that is on call. Our customer service person will immediately address the issue over the phone and can remotely access the e-IBS system to work through the issue without delay.

Datapro’s customer service group is composed of functional analyst and computer programmers. They are dedicated to responding to customer issues. Client calls are logged, assigned a report number and followed up to completion. The log of client calls is reviewed weekly by top management. The majority of service calls are related to the operation of the e-IBS system. Issues of impact to our clients are given priority and accelerated quickly to ensure resolution.

Datapro’s philosophy in regards to modifications or customizations requested by our Customers is to be flexible and to look for mutually beneficial solutions. Datapro normally has no objections in developing modifications required by Customers as long as they are not against the philosophy of the e-IBS®. The idea is to utilize modifications that we determine to be of a generic nature that could be of interest to our other Customers and that therefore enrich the functionality of the e-IBS®, so we normally propose a sharing of the cost of developing them with our Customers. Once the development is concluded they become part of our new versions. Other modifications which are requested that do not fit that criteria are quoted at the full hourly rate.

Normally as part of the marketing efforts to new prospects we include a trip by our Project Manager who is a very knowledgeable user of the e-IBS® to the Customers office to identify needed modifications. Once identified we prepare a proposal to the Customer indicating the development cost one by one, for the Customer to approve prior to any development work being done. An important point about Datapro’s business practice in this regard is that we work with fixed costs meaning that once we quoted a price of development it is unchangeable.

Part of the delivery process for these modifications is a test of their functionality. The testing is usually conducted by our Implementation Group personnel while they are at our offices.

The Training of new Users has two parts: Technical and Users. The Development Group has the responsibility to do the technical training of new Users. Depending on the size of the Bank that training can last one or two weeks. Then the Implementation Group has the responsibility to insure that all new Users are well versed in the e-IBS® before going live with it. Again as a function of the size of the bank this training period can last from four to six weeks. The User training has two parts: Theoretical and practical (hands on processing of various transactions).

Training is offered in-person or remotely. Upon completion of a course offered by our Implementation Group the new users will be an e-IBS® Certified User and receive their own certificate.

Our support team also has different parts and includes technical support (Programmers) and User support (Analysts of the Implementation Group).

Implementation can be done remotely without the need of our team ever needing to enter your physical location. Our remote implementation has become the norm due to COVID restrictions, making the process seamless and saving the institution in the travel & accommodations.

  • Balancing of the data converted to the e-IBS® format.
  • Verification of the integrity of the converted data.
  • Operational support through the conversion and implementation process
  • Pre and post conversion support.
  • Definition of Parameters in the system.
  • Training of Users
  • Definition of the Users Profile in the e-IBS® Security Module
  • The creation of the products which the Bank will market etc.

Also as a function of the size of the Bank this support will vary from 7 to 15 weeks in addition to the training period.

Our technical and support personnel are available to our Customers to help them in the proper utilization of the functionality of the e-IBS®. Because of the parametric design of the e-IBS®, it is quite flexible and if it appears at first glance that some function cannot be done without changes in the code, many times there are ways of using the systems functionality to achieve the goals of the Customers without any modifications.