April 2021, Honduras.

The Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito ELGA Limitada, a financial entity founded in 1965 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras that, since its inception with only 13 employees, has climbed positions and operations, thanks to its continuous innovation and its solid scale of values that has allowed them to help thousands of clients, and be at the forefront of cooperatives in Honduras. Will from now on be assisted by Datapro Inc’s e-IBS®, the cooperative will be able to support its rapidly growing operations, multiplying capacities without restrictions to sustain the pace that its expansion demands. This implementation has been made completely remotely, proving once again that no matter the hurdles we must overcome to successfully implement a project, it is done with ease.

The president of the Board of Directors of the ELGA Cooperative, Mr. Melvin Rolando Ponce, was satisfied with the projections and the help that it will mean to have a solution that contributes to the digital transformation in which they are already engaged, to continue showing leadership in Honduras and to be a reference in Central America for differentiated attention, solvency and rapid response to the needs of its clients.

Ricardo Montero, President of Datapro Inc, said that the provision of these services to the ELGA Cooperative is very important for his organization, as well as providing and assisting with cutting-edge technology to an institution that helps clients in sectors that represent the pillars of the economy of Honduras and the region. Datapro Inc, was the company chosen among a considerable number of providers of this technology on a global scale, due to the experience accumulated by the number of successful implementations and the good references of its users.

Soon, the ELGA Cooperative will add to the success obtained in the implementation of e-IBS® in COOPEUCH, an institution that is considered among the largest cooperatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Datapro Inc., a leading company in the Core Banking Systems market in the Americas, congratulates the Board of Directors, Shareholders and General Administration of the “ELGA COOPERATIVE”, for the signing of the contract for the implementation of the e-IBS® Core Banking System of DATAPRO Inc, which will allow you to maintain and increase the range of financial services that this institution offers to its clients.

With this new installation, Datapro Inc. adds fifty-four (54) banks and financial institutions that use their banking systems in Central America, in addition to the more than one hundred sixty-seven (167) institutions worldwide that use our systems.